How to help develop your child’s imagination

How to help develop your child's imagination

Parents have the responsibility to foster their kid’s imagination. This is crucial, particularly in the early ages. Any activity you do together eh singing, eating, walking, and playing helps to jumpstart the child’s brain. By involving your kid in stimulating activities you create a connection to his/her brain.

Therefore, it is imperative you contribute to your kid’s mental developments before the brain becomes dense. So how do you get to go about in firing your child’s imagination with all the hectic everyday schedule? Continue reading

Help your kids be more creative with these school activities


Children start to learn in their mother’s tummy. This makes parents the first teachers. Their influence sparks the kid’s creativity. Here are daily school activities that you could help to inspire your child’s creativity.

Answer question with questions

Kids ask lots of question in school and at home. It is one way they show enthusiasm to learn. However, the way you learn can spark more curiosity by answering what they asked with another question. For example, if a kid asks you what invertebrate mean ask them what they think it is? If they go back to books and learn to give you an answer, encourage them by offering a reward. Continue reading


The Robert Smyth School

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Our Artsweek arts festival was, as ever, exciting and thoroughly appreciated by those students involved. The three evening events were similarly well received by all attending. You can see pictures and video clips from the week by following the links in our news and events section. As you’ll see, the week was a success! Continue reading